ANDORRA WOMEN & CHILDREN HOSPITAL is the brainchild of Dr Khamsiah Muda, a doctor who specialises in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. The hospital is founded from the commitment and passion that are focused on women healthcare and bringing about their well being of our future generations. Dr Khamsiah and a group of women from various fields of specialisations came together to form a company called BWFW Medic Sdn Bhd. BWFW stands for, "By Women for Women", for only women may understand and desire an establishment to exlusively service their healthcare needs, customised to a women's physical, emotional and psychological uniqueness.

Along with Dr Tawfique Chowdhury, Chairman of Mercy Mission, he is a practicing medical professional in Australia, renowned for specialising in Islamic Jurisprudence - particularly Islamic Finance, Muslim Family Law and Islamic Medical Ethics, it was only evident that the merging of Dr Khamsiah and Dr Tawfique, would bring about strength and solidify the hospital's principles of being syariah friendly with a strong financial foundation supported by a group of international investors.



Garrow Parrow

To fulfill the wishes of women and children.


Garrow Parrow

Providing exceptional and Syariah friendly service in an environment that merges the best in healthcare and hospitality.